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Baby Room

Age range  -  12 weeks to 16 months

We understand that you may feel anxious leaving your child for the first time, so we do our best to make this as stress free as possible.  In our baby room we aim to mirror the routine you have at home to ensure a smooth transition between home and nursery care. The staff in the baby room will work with you to establish a routine that works for you and your baby.  If your baby is still breastfeeding and you wish to continue we can provide a comfortable place for you to sit and feed your baby, alternatively we have a fridge to store expressed milk that we can bottle-feed to your baby.  We recommend that you visit the nursery several times with your baby before they start so you can both familiarise yourselves with the new surroundings.  When your baby has finally started we will encourage you to phone us, we will tell you honestly how your baby is coping with the separation process. 


In the baby room we have endeavoured to create an atmosphere that is warm and trusting, giving your baby every chance to thrive. Our focus is to nurture the attachment process so that your baby feels cared for and settled.  Your baby will experience lots of sensory play, social interaction to encourage babbling, treasure baskets (exploring everyday objects) and singing & signing time.  We also give lots of time, practice and encouragement when your baby achieves those first milestones such as sitting up and standing.


Your key carer will regularly discuss your baby’s development and on a daily basis handover all relevant information such as sleeps, food/milk intake, and play. Daily information slips are also used as a record for you to keep. You will need to provide breakfast (if required)a change of clothes, nappies, wet wipes, bottles with cooled boiled water and pre-measured powdered milk. We also encourage special comforters that you know will settle your child such as a teddy, dummy, snuggle blanket or muslin cloth. One of our most successful 'settle items' is a personalised photo book that we will make for you from 6 or so photos of all the special people and places in your babies life.

Baby Sleep Room

In our separate baby sleep room we have tried to create a warm, relaxing and peaceful environment where your child can enjoy resting. We have dimmed main lighting and gentle fairy lights. Mobiles hang from the ceiling and cots and we have gentle lullaby toys to soothe sleeping children. Babies can sleep in either traditional cots, travel cots or within the baby play play room where there is always a cosy cushion area. We try to reflect what you are doing at home so that any established sleep pattern is supported.

Daily Routines

Our nursery staff ensure that each child has very individual and peronalised care and if any routine at home is established we will endeavour to follow that.  A morning snack is offered at 10:00am, lunch is at 12:00pm, afternoon fruit is at 2:00pm and tea is at 4:00pm, however each child has individual needs and we can adjust these times to suit your baby. 



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